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Grow Well Investments

Brand: Grow Well Investments


It is an established company from 2000 completing with 13yrs of experience in the field. But never had they turned to branding exclusively for their company. They only worked on goodwill and mouth publicity.


As they had never ever done any branding, it started from giving a relook to their internal ambience of the company and to conceptualising their complete marketing strategy.


They already had a clientele of approx. 400, but to expand their reach in this field and increase more loyal clients for them was a task. Also their new services and offers had to be renewed in a catchy way to re-reach the target audience.


Firstly it started with a different strategy of sponsoring an event and reaching a bulk audience and trying to convert them to their probable list. This event showcased Grow Well on informative slide shows to lucky draw boxes and prizes with strong brand calling. The collected data through this event was re-tapped with creative plus informative sms’s and e-mailers followed by different offers on investments. This was repeated without any break throughout the year by offers, informative investment options, festive wishes etc. With this Online Media such as; Social Networking site,Websites,SEO was a great hit. Informative Seminar’s also added weightage.


A drastic increase of clientele upto 600 in one year was a terrific result to the branding success.

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