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Title: Chandan and Brothers: Transforming Tradition into Online Success

Client: Chandan and Brothers: Transforming Tradition into Online Success

Background: Chandan and Brothers, a revered family-owned store near Poolgate, Pune, has been a pillar of quality and exceptional customer service since its establishment in 1971. For over five decades, the store has specialized in providing superior grains, fresh flour, healthy mixes, and spices. Its dedication to handcrafting daily healthy mixes and flour has set it apart as a unique establishment in Pune.

Challenge: Despite their esteemed reputation, Chandan and Brothers encountered a challenge in managing the increasing volume of orders, primarily through traditional channels. As the store became inundated with phone orders, keeping track and ensuring seamless processing became a daunting task. To streamline their operations and meet the evolving customer demands, they sought a modern solution.

Solution: Recognizing the need for a more efficient ordering system, Chandan and Brothers approached us for tech solutions. Understanding the store’s challenges, we at Select Media suggested creating a user-friendly E-Commerce website where customers could conveniently place orders online. The proposed solution aimed to digitize the ordering process, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.

Execution: The implementation involved the development of a responsive and intuitive E-Commerce website for Chandan and Brothers. The platform was designed to showcase their diverse range of products, enabling customers to browse, select items, and place orders effortlessly. To ensure ease of use, the website was optimized for mobile devices, catering to customers’ preferences for on-the-go shopping.

Outcome: The launch of the online platform marked a significant turning point for Chandan and Brothers. Within a year of its implementation, the store witnessed remarkable growth, recording an impressive increase of over 13 lakh in business revenue. The transition to online ordering not only streamlined operations but also expanded their customer reach beyond geographical boundaries.

Impact: The website transformed the way Chandan and Brothers conducted business. Customers embraced the convenience of ordering online, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The store’s commitment to quality and personalized service remained intact while embracing technological advancements.

Conclusion: Chandan and Brothers’ journey from a traditional brick-and-mortar store to a thriving online platform exemplifies the power of innovation in sustaining and propelling businesses forward. By leveraging technology to meet customer demands, they not only overcame challenges but also solidified their position as a trusted provider of quality products in Pune’s market.


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