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Title: Kalsagar Collection: A Spectacular Brand Transformation by Select Media Advertising Agency

Client: Kalsagar Collection

Background: Kalsagar Collection, situated in Chinchwad, was a well-established clothing shop with a legacy of 25 years. Recognizing the need for a transformation, Kalsagar Collection aimed to elevate its status by converting the small shop into an exclusive showroom offering a diverse collection for men, women, and children.

Objective: The primary objective for Kalsagar Collection was to communicate its remarkable transformation and the introduction of three distinct stores for men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing and accessories. The goal was to create a buzz around the renewed identity and attract a wider audience to the exclusive showroom.

Strategy Implemented by Select Media Advertising Agency: Select Media Advertising Agency devised a comprehensive strategy to rejuvenate Kalsagar Collection’s brand identity and promote the grand launch of the transformed showroom.

1. Brand Identity Revamp: The agency initiated the rebranding process by creating a unique logo with a sketched typography in both English and Marathi, giving Kalsagar Collection a fresh and distinctive identity.

2. Model Shoot and Festival-Centric Content Creation: A model shoot featuring professional models for men, women, and children was conducted, with a focus on creating content that captured the essence of Indian festivals. This content was utilized for various marketing materials.

3. Multi-Channel Marketing: Select Media executed a multi-channel marketing campaign, covering hordings, rickshaw backs, bus backs, press ads, leaflets, internal branding, website development, social media promotion, yearly calendars, vouchers, and more.

4. Celebrity Launch Event: To add glamour to the grand launch, Kalsagar Collection invited Tejashree Pradhan, a renowned actress from the Marathi TV industry, garnering significant media attention and attracting a large crowd to the event.

Results Achieved: The collaborative efforts between Kalsagar Collection and Select Media Advertising Agency yielded remarkable results. The brand transformation generated substantial buzz, and the strategic marketing initiatives led to a significant increase in sales, making it the highest-selling year for Kalsagar Collection.

Conclusion: Through meticulous planning and execution of a comprehensive marketing strategy, Select Media successfully transformed Kalsagar Collection into a prominent and sought-after exclusive showroom. The success of the rebranding initiative demonstrated the agency’s ability to create impactful campaigns that resonate with the target audience and elevate the brand’s presence in the market.

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