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Sculptor Seema Shirke

Title: Sculptor Seema Shirke: Bringing Clay to Life with Artistic Excellence

Client: Sculptor Seema Shirke

Sculptor Seema Shirke, daughter of the renowned Sculptor Shri. B.R. Khedkar, is a talented artist who breathes life into clay with her creative vision. A graduate in arts with a Government Diploma in art (GD Art), Seema has achieved remarkable success in the field of sculpting. Her sculptures have been recognized for their excellence, with one of them being selected for the prestigious Lalit Kala expo. Seema stands out as one of the few women in India known for her expertise in Realistic Sculpting.

Seema Shirke aimed to establish a distinctive brand identity and showcase her sculpting services to a wider audience. The goal was to highlight her artistic talent and unique approach to sculpting, positioning her as a leading sculptor in India.

Strategy Implemented by Select Media Advertising Agency:
Select Media Advertising Agency devised a creative strategy to enhance Seema Shirke’s brand identity and promote her sculpting services effectively.

Creative Logo Design: The agency created a unique logo for Seema Shirke, incorporating the initials “S” in Marathi, symbolizing her sculpting services. The logo featured a human figure sculpture on sand, reflecting Seema’s expertise in realistic sculpting.

CMS Platform Website: A CMS platform website was developed using WordPress, ensuring responsiveness and mobile-friendliness. The website served as a portfolio showcasing Seema’s sculptures, achievements, and artistic journey, providing a comprehensive view of her work to potential clients.

Results Achieved:
The collaboration between Seema Shirke and Select Media Advertising Agency led to significant improvements in her brand visibility and recognition. The creative logo design and user-friendly website effectively showcased Seema’s talent and attracted a wider audience interested in her sculpting services.

Through innovative branding and a well-designed website, Select Media successfully enhanced Seema Shirke’s presence in the art world. The strategic approach not only highlighted her artistic excellence but also positioned her as a prominent figure in the field of realistic sculpting, garnering appreciation and recognition for her remarkable talent.


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