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Title: Naadanam Dance Academy: Bridging Cultures Through the Art of Dance

Client: Naadanam Dance Academy

Naadanam Academy of Performing Arts, founded by Ms. Ketaki Kale, is a unique institution in Pune dedicated to promoting and propagating Indian culture through dance. With a passion for Bharatnatyam and a vision to nurture versatile dancers, Naadanam offers training in various dance forms, including Bharatnatyam, folk, western, and contemporary styles.

Naadanam Dance Academy aimed to establish itself as a premier destination for dance education in Pune and beyond. The goal was to showcase its diverse range of dance coaching programs, workshops, and certifications while highlighting its commitment to preserving and celebrating Indian culture through dance.

Strategy Implemented by Select Media Advertising Agency:
Select Media Advertising Agency devised a multifaceted strategy to enhance Naadanam Dance Academy’s visibility and reach.

Website Development: The agency created an informative website for Naadanam Dance Academy, showcasing its diverse range of dance coaching programs, batch schedules, workshops, and certifications. The website served as a comprehensive platform for potential students to explore the offerings of the academy.

Marketing Collateral: Select Media developed marketing collateral, including brochures, flyers, and posters, to promote Naadanam’s dance programs and attract new students. These materials were strategically distributed in relevant locations to maximize visibility and reach.

Social Media Campaigns and Posts: Leveraging the power of social media, Select Media conducted targeted campaigns to raise awareness about Naadanam Dance Academy. Engaging and informative posts were shared regularly across various platforms to showcase the academy’s activities, achievements, and upcoming events.

Results Achieved:
The collaboration between Naadanam Dance Academy and Select Media Advertising Agency yielded significant results. The informative website and engaging marketing collateral effectively communicated the academy’s offerings to potential students. The strategic social media campaigns and posts increased awareness and engagement, attracting new students and fostering a vibrant community of dancers.

Through a strategic blend of website development, marketing collateral creation, and social media campaigns, Select Media successfully elevated Naadanam Dance Academy’s visibility and reach. The collaborative efforts contributed to the academy’s growth and its mission of bridging cultures through the universal language of dance.


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