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Title: Gartech Equipment’s Pvt. Ltd: Transforming Poultry Farming Through Innovative Automation

Client: Gartech Equipment’s Pvt. Ltd

Background: Gartech Equipment’s Pvt. Ltd specializes in the development and manufacturing of automated poultry housing equipment and systems. Their expertise lies in creating solutions for feed distribution, egg handling, manure management, and ventilation systems for poultry farms globally. With a focus on poultry suppliers and farmers involved in broiler cages, layer cages, breeder cages, and other poultry-related equipment, Gartech Equipment’s caters to the evolving needs of the industry.

Objective: Gartech Equipment’s aimed to enhance awareness and adoption of automated poultry farming solutions among poultry farmers and suppliers, with a particular focus on Namakkal, Tamil Nadu—known as the hub of the poultry and egg production industry in India.

Strategy Implemented by Select Media Advertising Agency: Select Media Advertising Agency undertook a targeted approach to engage with the poultry farming community in Namakkal and create awareness about the benefits of automated farming solutions.

Market Research and Video Creation: Conducting on-ground market research in Namakkal, the agency gained insights directly from farmers. Using this data, they created informational videos in multiple languages featuring a mascot named Krishnan. These videos highlighted the importance and advantages of automated farming methods.

Branding and Digital Marketing: The agency developed a comprehensive brand manual and implemented truck branding, leveraging the extensive reach of trucks traveling across India. Additionally, they executed a digital marketing strategy encompassing conceptual designs, videos, GIFs, blogs, case studies, and video scripts to engage the target audience.

Results Achieved: The collaboration between Gartech Equipment’s and Select Media Advertising Agency led to impactful outcomes. The informative videos featuring Krishnan resonated with farmers, effectively highlighting the benefits of automated poultry farming. The comprehensive branding initiatives, including truck branding and digital marketing, increased visibility and awareness among the target audience, particularly in Namakkal.

Conclusion: Through strategic market research, innovative video content creation, and a comprehensive branding and digital marketing approach, Select Media successfully amplified Gartech Equipment’s presence and communicated the advantages of automated poultry farming to the industry, facilitating increased adoption of their solutions among poultry farmers and suppliers.

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