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Title: Episurf Medical: Fostering Orthopedic Excellence through Strategic Digital Engagement

Client: Episurf Medical

Background: Episurf Medical, based in Sweden, stands as a prominent manufacturer of personalized orthopedic implants and surgical instruments dedicated to addressing painful joint injuries. Their focus revolves around treating patients suffering from focal cartilage lesions and underlying bone damage in the knee, aiming to alleviate pain and enhance mobility.

Objective: Episurf Medical sought to establish a robust presence in the Indian market, creating awareness about their innovative orthopedic solutions. The goal was to strategically market the expertise of Prof. Niek van Dijk and Prof. Leif Ryd during their visits to India for surgeries and interactions with the medical community.

Strategy Implemented by Select Media Advertising Agency: Select Media Advertising Agency formulated a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to enhance Episurf Medical’s visibility in India, with a specific focus on the visits of Prof. Niek van Dijk and Prof. Leif Ryd.

Website Development and Digital Marketing: The agency revamped Episurf Medical India’s website and executed total digital marketing strategies to reach a wider audience. This included creating awareness before Prof. Niek van Dijk’s visit, daily updates during his visit, and strategic posts during Prof. Leif Ryd’s visit.

Social Media Engagement: Leveraging the power of social media, Select Media created a buzz around Prof. Leif Ryd’s visit through a series named “Coffee with Prof. Leif Ryd.” This involved conducting interviews with top orthopedic doctors in India and sharing the insights on YouTube and other social media platforms

Coffee Table Book: To capture the essence of Prof. Niek van Dijk and Prof. Leif Ryd’s visits, the agency creatively designed a coffee table book. This informative piece documented their journey across India, providing valuable insights into their interactions with hospitals and doctors.

Results Achieved: The collaboration between Episurf Medical and Select Media Advertising Agency resulted in significant outcomes. The strategic digital marketing initiatives increased brand awareness, and the “Coffee with Prof. Leif Ryd” series created engaging content that resonated with the target audience. The coffee table book became a tangible representation of the successful visits, further enhancing Episurf Medical’s reputation in the Indian market.

Conclusion: Through a well-executed digital marketing plan, engaging social media strategies, and a creatively designed coffee table book, Select Media successfully elevated Episurf Medical’s presence in India. The collaborative efforts effectively communicated the expertise of Prof. Niek van Dijk and Prof. Leif Ryd, establishing Episurf Medical as a leader in personalized orthopedic solutions within the Indian orthopedic community.

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