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Title: Dr. Pratik P Surana: Empowering Lives Through Emotional Intelligence

Client: Dr. Pratik P Surana

Dr. Pratik P Surana is a seasoned international behavioral trainer, life and happiness coach, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur with over 24 years of experience. With a Ph.D. in Emotional Intelligence and multiple coaching and assessment tool certifications, Dr. Surana is deeply passionate about helping individuals and organizations unlock their full potential through emotional intelligence.

As the Chief Mentor and Director of Quantum Trainings Pte Ltd., Dr. Surana leads a team of trainers and coaches delivering customized programs in Singapore and Southeast Asia. His expertise spans various sectors, including banking, IT, education, and healthcare, where he enhances leadership, communication, teamwork, and performance skills. Dr. Surana is also an accomplished author, with three books on emotional intelligence, professional development, and happiness to his credit.

Dr. Surana aimed to elevate his personal brand and reach a wider audience seeking personal and professional development. The goal was to showcase his expertise, experience, and accomplishments to establish himself as a thought leader in emotional intelligence and coaching.

Strategy Implemented by Select Media Advertising Agency:
Select Media Advertising Agency developed a comprehensive strategy to enhance Dr. Surana’s personal brand and expand his reach.

Personal Branding: The agency highlighted Dr. Surana’s roles as an author, corporate trainer, life coach, traveler, and foodie through strong social media presence and branding initiatives.

Website Development: An informative website was created to showcase Dr. Surana’s expertise and accomplishments, including an e-commerce section for purchasing his books.

Multimedia Channels: Select Media created a YouTube channel featuring Dr. Surana’s training videos and a podcast channel, “Emotionally Yours with Pratik,” where he interviews celebrities and industry personalities.

Results Achieved:
The collaboration between Dr. Pratik P Surana and Select Media Advertising Agency led to significant enhancements in his personal brand and reach. The strategic branding initiatives and multimedia channels effectively showcased Dr. Surana’s expertise, attracting a wider audience and establishing him as a thought leader in emotional intelligence and coaching.

Through innovative branding and multimedia channels, Select Media successfully elevated Dr. Pratik P Surana’s personal brand, positioning him as a respected authority in emotional intelligence and coaching. The strategic approach not only expanded his reach but also enriched his audience’s understanding of emotional intelligence and its impact on personal and professional growth.


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