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Title: Transforming Indian Poker Perception: IPPA’s Journey to Expansion

Client: IPPA

Background: The Indian Poker Players’ Association (IPPA) emerged as a thriving Facebook group catering to individuals passionate about poker. Despite a dedicated following, the closed nature of the group limited its growth potential. With a membership of 10k in four years, IPPA faced challenges in expanding its reach due to restricted entry, misconceptions about poker as gambling, and geographical limitations imposed by state bans.

Challenges: IPPA approached Select Media seeking to augment their group size and elevate their brand perception. The closed nature of the group restricted its growth trajectory, while the misconception of poker as mere gambling posed a significant hurdle. Moreover, state-level bans limited the geographical scope for expansion, constraining the audience base.

Strategy and Execution: Select Media embarked on a multifaceted strategy to address IPPA’s challenges. The initial focus was on reshaping the perception of poker. Emphasizing it as a skill-based game rather than gambling was pivotal. This involved creating informative content, interactive memes, and hosting internal contests to engage and educate the audience about the nuances of poker as a game of skill.

The core strategy also included developing a user-friendly and informative website. This platform aimed to establish a healthy gaming environment, steering clear of any gambling connotations. Simultaneously, Select Media utilized social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to amplify awareness and engagement among the target demographic, aged 25 to 55.

Outcome: The concerted efforts bore fruit within a year. The membership of the IPPA group surged from 10k to an impressive 18k members. The strategy of dispelling misconceptions, positioning poker as a skill-based game, and creating a welcoming, non-gambling gaming zone resonated with the target audience.

The website played a pivotal role in providing credible information and fostering a sense of community. The engaging content, contests, and interactive memes facilitated organic growth, attracting individuals interested in poker as a skillful game rather than mere gambling.

Conclusion: IPPA’s transformation journey, guided by Select Media, showcases how altering perceptions and creating a welcoming, informative space can drive significant growth. By redefining poker as a skill-based game and leveraging creative digital strategies, IPPA not only expanded its membership but also established itself as a credible platform for poker enthusiasts seeking a community-driven, skill-focused environment.


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