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Title: Lokmanya Hospital: A Strategic Media Campaign for Expanded Reach

Client: Lokmanya Hospital

Background: Lokmanya Hospital, with its extensive presence across major cities like Pune and Kolhapur, is renowned for its orthopedic expertise and diversified multi-specialty treatments. The hospital boasts experienced medical professionals and state-of-the-art technology, offering advanced healthcare solutions. In a bid to amplify its reach and accessibility, Lokmanya sought the expertise of Select Media Advertising Agency.

Objective: Lokmanya Hospital aimed to broaden its audience reach, targeting not only patients but also healthcare professionals, corporates, and insurance companies. The goal was to create awareness about its comprehensive services and cutting-edge medical technology.

Strategy Implemented by Select Media Advertising Agency: Select Media Advertising Agency formulated a comprehensive strategy to elevate Lokmanya Hospital’s visibility across various platforms.

Conceptual Designs: The agency developed captivating designs for press ads, hoardings, signages, billboards, and leaflets. These designs were meticulously crafted to communicate Lokmanya’s unique selling propositions effectively.

Digital Marketing: Leveraging the power of digital platforms, the agency executed a robust digital marketing campaign. This included website development, Google AdWords, and other online strategies tailored to engage and attract the target audience.

Medical Tourism Focus:  Recognizing the potential in medical tourism, Select Media strategically highlighted Lokmanya’s expertise in attracting international patients. Specifically, the agency directed efforts towards Bangladesh, generating substantial leads for medical tourism initiatives.

Results Achieved: The collaborative efforts between Lokmanya Hospital and Select Media Advertising Agency yielded significant outcomes. The campaigns led to increased brand visibility and generated substantial leads, particularly in medical tourism from Bangladesh. The various media cycles effectively reached the intended audience, fostering a stronger connection between Lokmanya Hospital and its target stakeholders.

Conclusion: Through an amalgamation of traditional and digital marketing strategies, Select Media successfully amplified Lokmanya Hospital’s presence, effectively communicating its exceptional services and advanced medical technology to a diverse audience.


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