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Title: Mahafeed Speciality Fertilizers: Nurturing Growth through Innovative Digital Marketing

Client: Mahafeed Speciality Fertilizers India Pvt. Ltd.

Background: Mahafeed Speciality Fertilizers (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a key player engaged in the import, manufacturing, marketing, and export of specialty agricultural advanced products. Pioneers in introducing 100% water-soluble fertilizers in solid form in India in 1994, Mahafeed is dedicated to meeting the nutritional needs of modern agriculture practices.

Objective: Mahafeed aimed to enhance its digital presence and engage with farmers, particularly in rural Maharashtra. The goal was to communicate product benefits, launches, and case studies effectively, fostering a connection with progressive farmers across India.

Strategy Implemented by Select Media Advertising Agency: Select Media Advertising Agency devised a strategic digital marketing plan to connect with the target audience of farmers in rural Maharashtra and beyond.

Total Digital Marketing: The agency executed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including creating conceptual posts in Marathi to resonate with the local farming community. This involved leveraging various digital platforms to enhance Mahafeed’s visibility.

Informative Videos: Select Media created informative videos showcasing product details, new launches, and case studies. One notable video featured the journey of product packaging transformation, using a concept of product training carried out in a train with multilingual voiceovers in English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, and more.

Content Creation: The agency focused on crafting content that was informative and easy for the audience to understand. This included detailed product descriptions, benefits, and success stories, tailored to the agricultural community’s needs.

Results Achieved: The collaboration between Mahafeed Speciality Fertilizers and Select Media Advertising Agency yielded significant results. The strategic digital marketing initiatives effectively reached the target audience of farmers in rural Maharashtra and other regions. The multilingual video showcasing the packaging transformation garnered attention, effectively communicating the brand’s evolution.

Conclusion: Through innovative digital marketing strategies, Select Media successfully enhanced Mahafeed Speciality Fertilizers’ online presence and engagement with the farming community. The comprehensive approach, including conceptual posts, informative videos, and multilingual content, contributed to Mahafeed’s reputation as a reliable supplier of agro inputs among progressive farmers in India.

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